Eliminate Mice and Prevent Additional Ones from Entering Your Home

Posted on: 12 October 2016

If you spotted a couple mice in your home's kitchen and are fearful about the population increasing, take action to eliminate the ones that are present and prevent additional ones from entering your house by completing the steps below. Materials crackers soft cheese peanut butter butter knife bird seed newspaper humane mouse traps caulk caulk gun file  putty knife self-adhesive weatherstripping scissors peppermint oil cotton swabs cotton balls ​Catch the Mice That Are Present
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Three Signs Of Cockroaches That You Should Not Ignore

Posted on: 11 October 2016

Because cockroaches prefer to live in moist, dark environments, you may have the beginnings of an infestation in your home or business and not be aware of it. Keep in mind that cockroach infestations tend to be concentrated in food preparation and storage areas, and they also like to make their homes in bathrooms because of the available moisture. Cockroaches multiply quickly and have adverse effects on human health, so call in a professional pest control service at the first sign that they have established residency in your home or business.
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Do Raccoons Frequent Your Property? Follow A Few Tips To Keep Them Away

Posted on: 7 October 2016

It may be quite enjoyable to spot wildlife in their natural habitat while on hiking or camping adventures. But, when you find an animal like a raccoon ravaging your plants or going through your trash, you might be thinking about what you can do to keep these bandits from causing trouble. A lot of what you can do revolves around prevention, whether it is adding or taking away certain things that they like or dislike.
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Keeping Fire Ants Away From Outdoor Lighting

Posted on: 6 October 2016

Outdoor lighting can increase the safety and security of your home. However, they are susceptible to damage from a variety of environmental elements. One of biggest banes of an outdoor light's life is fire ants. These pests are attracted to the warmth of the lights, and the magnetic field emitted by them can cause ant eggs to grow faster. However, they can do a lot of damage to equipment including destroying cords, plugs, and wires.
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