Minimizing The Population Of Mosquitoes On Your Property

Posted on: 9 January 2023


Mosquitoes can be a constant problem for homeowners, but many individuals may not realize the full range of the steps that can be taken to minimize the population of mosquitoes that are on their property.

Use Fans To Circulate Air In Areas Where Your Family Will Be Spending Time

While pesticides can be a common option for helping individuals to limit their risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, there can be strategies that may not require the use of these chemicals. For example, it is possible to place fans around your patio and other outdoor living areas. These fans can be extremely effective at keeping mosquitoes out of these areas. Additionally, you can use a misting system that will prevent mosquitoes from being able to fly in these areas.

Plant Catnip And Basil Around Your Yard

There are some plants that are extremely effective at keeping mosquitoes away. In particular, catnip and basil can be effective options for keeping these pests away from your property. These plants will contain chemicals that are toxic to mosquitoes, and they will have an aroma that can help to drive these pests away. As an added benefit, these plants can be crushed and applied to your skin to provide a natural form of protection against mosquitoes. This can be a convenient and all-natural option for protecting yourself when you are outside. Furthermore, these plants can have a pleasing scent, which can contrast against the artificial odor of chemical mosquito repellents.

Have Professional Mosquito Control Treatments Applied

Professional mosquito control treatments can be an important option for making sure that your property is kept safe against these pests. During these treatments, a technician will work to treat the various areas of your property that will be the most likely to harbor mosquitoes. This can include bushes, tall grasses, and areas where standing water may likely occur. These treatments will be needed throughout the spring and summer seasons, but the fact that they will occur outdoors will minimize the need for you to be present when these treatments occur. However, if you have a gated entrance to your property, you should make sure to leave it open or provide the pest control service with a key or access code. Otherwise, they may be unable to access all of the areas of your property that will need to be treated to prevent mosquitoes from being able to thrive in your yard.

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