What You Should Do If Raccoons Are Invading Your Yard

Posted on: 7 June 2023


Raccoons are a species of animal that will forage for food. They will dig through your trash and enter your garage, shed, and even your home in order to find what they need to survive. They will feed on your leftovers or your dog's food that you keep outside; they will feast off of your garden if you have food readily available for them to eat. If you have raccoons in your yard, it means they are finding something good to eat there. If they continue to find food, they will continue to come back or just never leave. If you have this pest issue, there are things you can do to help get control of the situation. Read on for helpful information. 

Clean Up Your Yard

You need to clean up your yard in order to prevent raccoons from invading your yard. Clean up any landscaping debris that you have piled up where these pests can stay hidden and nest. Clean your yard to remove waste and other debris that you have laying around. Rake beneath fruit trees or nut trees that these pests can use for food. Clean up any trash that you have in your yard.

Seal Trash Bins

Seal your trash bins so the raccoons cannot get into them. Use trash cans with lids that can be secured to prevent the raccoons from lifting the lids on them or knocking them down in order to get inside the trash. Raccoons can knock over trash containers and will rip into the trash bags, so just placing the trash bags outside, or putting them into an open can without a lid is going to give them an easy opportunity to get into the trash, and they will keep coming back for more.

Secure Other Food

Other food that you may have in your yard or outside should be kept secure to keep raccoons from getting into it. Secure pet food that you keep outside and pick up any food leftovers for your outside pets to prevent the raccoons from getting into it.

If you have an issue with raccoons in your yard, you need to clean up your yard and remove all food sources to prevent them from getting the food they need to survive. Hire a professional wildlife control specialist to help get this issue under control and to give you other helpful tips on how to control this problem.