Home Has A Basement? Watch Out For These Two Pests

Posted on: 28 April 2023


There are many bugs and other pests that require a lot of moisture. One area they may find this is in your basement. Some pests also like basements as they can easily hide so they are hard to detect. Keep reading to learn about two of these pests so you can watch out for them.


If you have Subterranean termites, they build their nests under the ground. There are tunnels they build that lead to your home. You will see mud tubes on the side of the foundation. This allows them to travel back and forth from their nest into your home out of sight. 

Because you have a basement, the termites can easily build mud tubes that allow them to enter the basement. Termites are dangerous as they eat wood. They can quickly cause structural damage if not taken care of quickly.

Termites will eat wood beams and wood siding, and eventually move into your home, destroying anything made of wood. Over time you will be infested with these bugs, so the destruction is even worse. If you see termites or signs of them, contact a pest control company immediately. Because these insects are so dangerous, the pest control contractor will also prevent them from coming back by installing termite baits outside your home. 


Cockroaches may set up their colony in a basement. These insects are nocturnal, so the basement is the perfect room for them to live in. If you see even one cockroach in the basement there are likely many more that you do not see. This problem does not go away and will only get much worse as time goes by. 

If the cockroaches set up home in the basement, they will eventually find their way into your kitchen. They crawl all over countertops, flooring, under appliances, and more. They look for food to eat, which can be crumbs left on the countertop or flooring. 

An easy way to get rid of all the cockroaches is to hire a pest control company. They will spray a chemical in the basement that kills the cockroaches immediately. If you also see cockroaches in the kitchen, the pest control company can spray in these areas as well. The pest control company may suggest they come back in a month or so to do an inspection to ensure all cockroaches are gone. 

The pest control company that you hire can tell you of other pests you will find in basements.