Getting Rid Of Fleas In Your Home? What You Need To Do

Posted on: 21 October 2022


Fleas are pesky pests that can bite you or your pets and leave you with itchy welts all over your body, and the bodies of your pets as well. Fleas can be a difficult pest to have to try and get rid of, as they can be living in your home as well as outside in your grass, or they may be infesting a home that you visit often, and you are constantly bringing them to and from. If you have fleas, no matter where they came from, you need to get rid of them and quickly before they become a major issue. Read on for tips on how to get rid of these pests.

Flea Bomb Your Entire Home

Use a flea bomb to kill these or other pests throughout your home. You need to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging on how to use the flea bomb. Set the flea bombs throughout your home, depending on the square footage of your home and how many floors you have in your home. Set the flea bombs throughout your home and allow them to do the work they need to do to kill these pests. Once the bomb is finished doing its job, you need to open up your windows and allow your home to air out. 

Vacuum Your Home

Vacuum your entire home and remove any dead fleas you still have in your home. Vacuum the carpeting thoroughly and empty the canister outside of your home to prevent the pests that may still be alive from escaping and getting back into your home. Empty the canister into a garbage bag and seal it tightly, then throw it into the trash bin. Vacuum your home daily after you have set off a flea bomb in your home to be thorough in removing these pests.

Take Your Pets For A Flea Bath

Your pets are going to need a flea bath to remove fleas from their fur and skin. Fleas love furry pets, so if you have dogs or cats, you need to take care of your pets and have them bathed to remove the fleas on their bodies to prevent the further spreading of these pests in your home.

If you have an issue with fleas in your home, you need to take action before you end up with an infestation that can leave you and your pets miserable. Call a professional pest control company to help you with this issue.