Keeping Skunks Out of Your Yard

Posted on: 2 March 2022


If you have recently noticed skunks frequenting your property, you likely want to find ways to remove them so they do not cause damage to vegetation or your structure. In addition, skunks are known to spray an unpleasant odor if they are confronted or feel scared. Because of these reasons, taking action to keep these animals away from your property altogether is favorable. Here are steps you can take to keep skunks from using your property as their stomping ground.

Use the Power of Light and Water

Skunks prefer to stay in areas where it is dark so they are not seen by predators. If you use plenty of lighting outside of your home during the nighttime hours, skunks will likely move to a neighboring property without as much illumination. Use spotlights to keep your shed, detached garage, or any other small structure that skunks can use as a hiding place, well lit. Consider installing motion-detection lighting, as well as motion-activated sprinklers to keep skunks from getting too close to your home.

Remove Attractions to Keep Skunks Away

Skunks will stay in areas where they are able to access food and water without difficulty. If you have outdoor pets, make sure to remove any leftover food after mealtime is completed. Tend to any dripping outdoor faucets and cover pools, ponds, or fountains when they are not in use. Always cover your garbage cans with tightly-fitted lids and keep household trash contained inside bags in the containers. Keep cans in your garage or another safe area where they are unable to be accessed by animals and other pests. Use chickenwire or metal flashing to cover any holes under porches or other spots skunks can use as nesting areas.

Position Skunk Repellants in Key Locations

Skunks tend to harbor themselves underneath porches, decks, and small structures during the daytime hours. When dusk arrives, they will then venture out in search of food. If you decide to try a skunk repellent, make sure to position them in these areas so these animals are less likely to stay overnight. Granules, sprays, and gels are obtainable via a pest control service in your area to try to keep skunks at bay. If these do not work for you, contact an animal removal service to bring traps to your property. These are usually made from thick plastic to help trap odor should a trapped skunk spray while inside. An animal removal service will capture skunks and relocate them to another area.