3 Ways Pest Control Professionals Can Help You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Posted on: 17 January 2022


Bed bugs can be more than just a nuisance. They can cause severe skin irritation, inability to sleep, and seem impossible to get rid of. Many people claim to have discovered magical DIY home remedies that guarantee bed bugs will disappear forever, but many of these so-called cures come with a giant caveat: they require you to know exactly where bed bugs are hiding and to apply the remedy directly. This is much easier said than done and is just one of the many reasons to leave bed bug extermination to the professionals. Keep reading below for just a few of the ways that pest control professionals can help.

Heat Treatment

One of the most reliable ways to get rid of bed bugs is to turn up the heat. Bed bugs die within minutes of exposure to extreme temperatures -- think upwards of 118 degrees Fahrenheit -- and pest control professionals make sure to use this vulnerability to their advantage. Most often, this involves using specialized heaters to warm a small area, such as a bedroom, for several hours. As long as there are no pets, plants, or anything else that is susceptible to damage under high temperatures, the only thing that you'll notice after a successful heat treatment is a lack of bed bugs.

Mattress Encasements

When their at-home bed bug remedies fail, many people make the rash decision to discard their mattress altogether. Not only is this a hassle and a huge financial burden, but it is also totally unnecessary when you work with pest control professionals. After a heat treatment, the professionals can properly install a mattress encasement that prevents the return of a bed bug or two that may have found a way to survive in the walls or carpet. Finally, it is imperative that a mattress encasement with proper seals or zippers be used; picking a random one off a local store's shelf simply won't cut it.

Specialized Tools

Another huge benefit of having pest control professionals perform bed bug treatment is the array of specialized tools at their disposal. These include steam cleaners, vacuums, and various chemicals that have been approved for bed bug treatment. Some companies even use dogs that have been trained and certified to sniff out bed bugs and make sure that none escape. Because bed bugs thrive in dark cracks and crevices, it is usually best to take advantage of the most thorough methods available to you. 

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