Fleas In Your Yard? How To Prevent Them From Getting Inside

Posted on: 22 October 2021


Fleas aren't a pest you want inside your home. You don't really want them to be in your yard either, as it will only be a matter of time before they end up inside, biting you all over your body, or biting your pets and multiplying like crazy throughout your home. When this happens, your home will become infested with these pests, and it can be very difficult to get rid of them. These pests can cause itchy spots on you and on your pets as well, which can become a major nuisance. Read on for what you can do to prevent these pests from coming into your home and how to get rid of them in your yard.

Kill The Pests In The Yard

Kill the pests while they're still in the yard before they come inside. Spray the yard with a pesticide that kills fleas. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the pesticide. A granular pesticide can also be used as well in the same manner to kill these pests. Remember that when you use a pesticide such as this, keep small children or pets out of the yard until the dust settles on the granular pesticide or the spray pesticide dries. Repeat the process of killing the fleas in the yard a second time if needed, especially if you still have a lot of fleas in your yard.

Cut Your Grass Low

Allowing your grass to grow too tall can cause pests to invade your lawn, and fleas are one of these types of pests that will be in the grass. Keep your lawn trimmed and keep it low to prevent fleas or other pests in the yard.

Get Rid Of Wild Animals

Wild animals that come into your yard can have fleas on them, which could be how you get fleas in your yard in the first place. Keep fleas out by keeping wild animals out as well. Use a decoy to prevent wild animals, or install a fence.

If you have fleas in your yard, they could come into your home and cause problems for you. Hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests in either your yard or your home.

Protect Your Pet

Protect your pet against flea bites by giving your dog a flea preventative. Fleas can still get onto your pet, but they won't be biting it. You'll be less likely to have them in your home if your pet is protected against fleas. Remember to give your pet a flea preventative when you go to your pet's veterinarian appointment, or you can purchase an over-the-counter flea preventative as well.

For more information on flea prevention, contact pest control services near you.