Are Mice Moving Into Your Home? What Can You Do?

Posted on: 17 September 2021


Contrary to popular belief, mice don't want to move into your home just in the winter. They'll take any opportunity to find shelter in your house where they are safe from predators and the elements and where they have a constant supply of food nearby. If your house is mouse-friendly, then you'll end up with a mouse problem, and you'll need to hire a mice control specialist to assist you.

Are mice moving into your home? If so, what can you do about it? Here, you'll learn key signs mice are making your house their home and also what you should do about the disturbance. Remember, just because you don't see mice doesn't mean they don't pose a threat if they're in your house because mice carry diseases.

You see disturbances in your pantry

Are bags torn open, or do you see mouse droppings near your food items? Do you see bits of debris around your pantry, indicating that mice were chewing to get inside? If you leave containers open or leave bags of food unattended, mice will be able to get into them and often will, using under-sink access and other means of entry to get into a food source.

You see holes and bedding in your walls or attic

Mice will get inside your house via any nook and cranny they can squeeze through, which doesn't have to be large at all. You'll find holes and bedding where mice are trying to nest along your walls, near doorways, in your garage, or even in your attic if they are making themselves comfortable in your home.

What can you do about mice in your home?

If you have a mouse problem, you need a mice removal specialist to come to your home and rid your house of the problem. This can be done in a variety of ways, which your pest control specialist will talk to you about. Choose a mice control solution that works best for you and your family.

After the mice have been removed or eliminated, you'll want to cover all food sources, put steel wool or other barriers in the crevices mice have gotten into, and remove all shelter areas around your home's border. This is the best way to keep mice from returning, and if you stay diligent in this task and use mouse traps to catch the mice that do get by, you should be able to keep your mouse problem under control for the most part. Your mice control specialist can show you other ways you can perform mice control in your home.