Why Are Carpenter Ants In Your Home And What Can You Do About Them?

Posted on: 12 August 2021


Carpenter ants are a type of pest that you don't want running rampant throughout your home. Carpenter ants will chew through the wood around your home, usually soft and rotting wood, which would also indicate that you not only have this pest problem but some sort of moisture issue as well that will need to be addressed in order to prevent these and other pests from returning to your home. If you have carpenter ants, you're going to need to get rid of them. Read on for a few things you should do to get these pests out of your home.

Repair Rotting Wood

Again, these pests are going to be attracted to the moist or rotting wood around your home. If you have a moisture problem, it needs to be addressed, and repairs should be made in order to prevent these or other pests from coming to your home. Other pests such as termites are also going to be attracted to the rotting wood, so make repairs before you have another major pest on your hands as well. Repair the rotting wood and take control of the moisture problem you are dealing with as well.

Seal Your House

Seal your house against these and other pests as well. If you have cracks around your foundation or around your doors and windows, these pests may be able to get in that way. Seal your home using caulk or concrete caulk if you are caulking a foundation. Silicone can also work to seal your home against these and other pests as well. 

Spray Your House

Spraying your house with a pesticide that can kill carpenter ants may be necessary, especially if you have a lot of these pests. Spray this pesticide around your home outside and then spray it inside as well. Spray around the areas where you have found them and where you think they were coming in from. If you see a lot of them outside in your grass, you can spray your grass with the pesticide as well.

Remove Exterior Attractants

Things outside of your home may be attracting these pests as well. Things such as piles of wood or even trees. If you have trees too close to your home, you need to remove them or trim them back. If you have an exterior woodpile, you need to move it away from your house so these pests won't make their way into your home.

If you have carpenter ants in your home, they can do a lot of damage to your home. Hire a pest control company like Skeeter Beater and get rid of these pests immediately before they do too much damage and get out of control.