What To Do If A Skunk Won't Vacate Your Property

Posted on: 27 March 2021


If you have recently had encounters with a skunk that lives upon your property, you undoubtedly worry about its presence due to the destruction it may create and the possibility of the emitting of odor at any time. Here are steps to take to get the skunk to leave the vicinity so you can once again enjoy your outdoor living space.

Take Away All Possible Food Supply Choices

If a skunk has access to food on a daily basis, it will remain upon your property. If the food is no longer obtainable, the skunk causing you distress is likely to move on to another area in search of something to eat. Make it a priority to check your yard every day for possible food sources so they can be immediately removed. If you have a berry bush or nut-bearing tree, you may want to consider having it removed or fenced in so pests are unable to access the food it provides to them. Store trash bags inside your home, garage, or shed until garbage collection day. Feed pets indoors or remove their dishes as soon as they complete their meals. 

Use Deterrents To Get Skunks To Leave Willingly

If a skunk becomes frightened or disturbed by its surroundings, it will vacate and move to somewhere more comfortable. Invest in motion-sensor lighting or sprinklers to surprise skunks when they walk past. Skunk deterring spray is available for purchase from home goods stores, online outlets, or via your local pest control service. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly to keep pets and people safe when using this type of product.

Make Desired Areas Unobtainable To Skunks

Skunks tend to nest in areas underneath structures, such as under a porch or shed. If you suspect a skunk is living right near or under your home, you need to wait until the creature is out and about and get to work at sealing the area so it cannot gain entry to it again. Use chicken wire or mesh sheeting to cover openings effectively.

Contact A Wildlife Removal Service

Skunks are risky to deal with purely because of the chance of becoming sprayed if you happen to frighten them. Because of this, many people turn to wildlife removal services to get skunks off of their properties for good. A wildlife removal service comes to your home to scope out the animals living upon your property and then uses tactics in trapping them so they can be relocated to another area. This is a great way to eliminate pests without hurting them in the process. 

For more information about getting a skunk off your property, contact a residential wildlife removal company or visit a site like https://www.molterpestandwildlife.com.