The Connection Between A Pest-Free Home And Your Crawl Space

Posted on: 18 October 2019


Insects, spiders, and rodents make unwanted roommates. If you have taken measures to eradicate pests from your home to no avail, you may be wondering where the bothersome pests keep coming from. The simple answer could be your crawl space.

There is a connection between the number of pests within your home and the condition of your crawl space. Understanding this connection will allow you to better keep pests out of your home in the future.

What is a Crawl Space?

Homes that are not constructed on a basement or a concrete foundation will often have a crawl space. Your crawl space could be made from cinder blocks or brick, and the floor of the crawl space can be poured concrete, bare dirt, or gravel.

Crawl spaces are popular for homes in flood-prone areas because they raise homes up and off the ground. A crawl space can also be a more affordable option than a traditional basement, making it the perfect choice for budget homes.

What do Crawl Spaces Have to do With Pests?

Since the crawl space is essentially open, all kinds of pests can find their way into the space beneath your home. Any pests that take up residence in your crawl space have the potential to wreak havoc on the structural stability of your home.

Pests can eat through exposed wood and insulation inside the crawl space. Your crawl space also provides access to plumbing pipes and heating ducts, which can give pests safe passage into your home. The proper management of your crawl space is critical when it comes to eliminating pests from your home.

How Can a Crawl Space be Protected?

You must be proactive in preventing pests from taking over your crawl space. One of the easiest ways to establish a barrier between your crawl space and your home's interior is to invest in encapsulation services.

A crawl space encapsulation fully seals the ground, structural supports, and exposed materials found in your crawl space. The sealant used can deter insects and rodents from entering your crawl space, and the sealant also creates an added layer of protection against any pest penetration should insects or rodents wander into your crawl space.

Encapsulation can also offer waterproofing capabilities, which will further deter pests by eliminating a potential water source that could be drawing rodents and insects into the crawl space over time. Combining encapsulation with other extermination processes will help you rid your home of unwanted pests with ease.