Keeping Pests Away From Your Property

Posted on: 21 January 2019


Along with staying on top of things around your house like the plumbing and electricity, you also must focus attention on pest prevention. Sometimes you can end up with a random pest in your home that you have no idea how it got in. However, when you take extra steps and really go above and beyond the norm to prevent pests from getting in, you will definitely be decreasing your odds of finding yourself in the midst of an actual infestation. Here are some important things you want to do to help with your pest prevention efforts.

Seal the whole house up

Go around every room on the inside of the house, and then inspect around the entire exterior of the house. Look at specific places for problem areas and seal them up. Windows, door frames, electrical outlets, light fixtures, plumbing pipe locations (where the pipes enter), baseboards and drilled holes for cable entrances are some of the areas you want to pay close attention to.

As you go around the exterior, look for damaged screens that need to be repaired, vents where the protective screen is off or in need of repair and any cracks or holes pests can use to enter. If you have a basement, then you are also going to want to go around the inside of the basement and make sure you check the basement windows on the outside as well. Have someone go on the roof and make sure vents are covered and there are no areas pests can enter the attic from.

Take care of your clutter

If you have a good deal of clutter in your attic, basement or garage, you want to go through all of it. Consider getting rid of everything you don't need and put the rest in plastic moving bins to further cut down on the future risk of pests. Put things on shelves out of boxes when you can. Many pests are attracted to those dark boxes that rarely get touched, so eliminating them as much as possible can really help prevent infestations.

Get rid of regular temptations

Put pet food in air tight storage bins so pests won't come for the pet food. Keep your trash cans far from your house and take your kitchen trash out as soon as you remove it from the can, meaning don't leave the bag sitting by the door for the day. Make sure you don't have stagnant water on the property.

Contact a pest service, like Falcon Pest Management, for more help.