4 Perilous Side-Effects Of Living With A Cockroach Infestation

Posted on: 19 October 2016


Bugs are a nuisance in any home, but when there's an infestation of roaches, a special kind of horror is experienced. Beyond the constant shooing away and swatting, there are real psychological and physiological forces at work and they're working against you in the worst ways.

1. You're Embarrassed To Have Company

With a moderate roach problem, you're more apt to only see the bugs at night, but with an infestation, they'll be out at all hours of the day. Because the roaches have to scrounge for food and water under the competitive circumstances of an infestation, people visiting your home may notice them on your floors, counter tops, or crawling up a wall. This is a potentially embarrassing situation for you, not to mention the fact that your friends may want to stop coming over.

Once the bugs are gone, you can feel like a normal person and not worry about cockroaches showing up when your mother-in-law or coworkers are visiting.

2. You Feel Responsible

It's hard not to feel as if you've done something to contribute to the problem when roaches are rampant; however, the situation may not be under your control. No matter how much you clean and how well you keep food and water supplies out of reach, these bugs persist. They procreate super fast and can survive almost anything you can throw at them. Still, people feel shame and guilt.

After a pest control specialist has resolved your problem, the burden of responsibility and eradication is off your shoulders.

3. It's Hard To Sleep At Night

Since roaches are nocturnal, they'll be creeping and crawling as soon as your head hits the pillow. In their efforts to sustain themselves, they may even wander in your bed or scurry by your night table. That makes for horrible sleeping. If you're struck by an urge to use the bathroom after dark with a roach infestation, you're likely in for a horrible experience when you turn the light on, but you certainly couldn't try to navigate around them without illumination, for fear of stepping on one in your bare feet.

Promise yourself you'll contact an exterminator and you can look forward to much better sleeping.

4. Your Kids Could Be Getting Sick

One of the worst aspects of an infestation is the threat to your children; kids who breathe bug remnants, such as shed wings and fecal matter, can experience breathing difficulties which may progress to asthma. Being around roaches can cause intestinal difficulties as well and of course, there's always the risk of developing phobias after exposure to an infestation. Also, your kids may be reluctant to ask their friends over, for fear of everyone finding out about the roaches.

Once the infestation has been cleared up, your kids can be normal kids again, without the health threats and stigmas associated with cockroaches.

Most people don't realize how hard an infestation is to live with, but if you do, you need to contact a pest control company like Ram Pest Management, LLC. While there are countless DIY "solutions," nothing is more effective as having a team of professionals storm your home with a strategical assault on the invaders.