Keeping Creepy Spiders Away From Your Home's Interior

Posted on: 17 October 2016


If you have a fear of spiders, you most likely get upset every time you see one inside of your home. Deterring spiders can be done with natural methods using items you can find in your home or around your neighborhood. Here are some tips you can use to battle the prospect of spiders wriggling their way into the interior of your home.

Find A Neighbor With A Particular Tree

Horse chestnuts tend to keep spiders away from an area, as they do not care for the scent of this smooth, dark-brown nut. Take a drive around your town to find a neighbor who has one of these trees in their yard and ask them if they would mind if you collected a few nuts from the ground. These can be placed in the corners of rooms, along windowsills, and near your doorways to help keep spiders from entering your home.

Remove All Webs Promptly To Cause Frustration

If you see spider webs in your home, take the time to eliminate them in their entirety so the spiders that built them will need to start over again in trying to construct food-trapping devices. If webs disappear frequently, the spiders making them may crawl to new locations to try setting up new camps. Keeping your home clean will also help in the elimination of other insects, making spiders move on to new areas in search for food as a result.

Turn Off Porch Lights During Nighttime Hours

If you leave your porch lights on when it gets dark, insects are bound to be flying around the illuminated area. Where insects are present, spiders are sure to follow. Turning off your lights can help keep spiders from getting too close to your home, as they will seek other illuminated spots to try to catch their next meal.

Make Your Own Repelling Solution

To help keep spiders away from your home, try a homemade repellent to deter them. Sprinkle some table salt inside a spray bottle filled with water. Use this solution to spray down your porch steps, around doors and windows, and on any foliage around the perimeter of your home. Another idea is to use fragrant essential oils. Simply place a few drops of lavender, tree tea, or eucalyptus oil inside a spray bottle and mix well. This can also be sprayed both inside and outside of your home to keep spiders at bay.

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