Three Signs Of Cockroaches That You Should Not Ignore

Posted on: 11 October 2016


Because cockroaches prefer to live in moist, dark environments, you may have the beginnings of an infestation in your home or business and not be aware of it. Keep in mind that cockroach infestations tend to be concentrated in food preparation and storage areas, and they also like to make their homes in bathrooms because of the available moisture. Cockroaches multiply quickly and have adverse effects on human health, so call in a professional pest control service at the first sign that they have established residency in your home or business. Following are three signs that should serve as alerts that you've got a cockroach problem. 

An Awful Smell

If you notice an awful smell in your home, you should of course rule out rotting food by carefully checking the contents of your cupboard and refrigerator. If you still can't locate the source of the smell after a close inspection, it's possible that you may have developed a cockroach infestation. This odor occurs because roaches emit a pheromone that alerts others of their species to the fact that they've found a good nesting place. The scent has been described as musky, oily, and distinctly unpleasant. Cockroaches also use scent to attract potential mates, and a study done by McMaster University in Canada found that they also emit oleic acid, which causes a strong smell of death, to alert other cockroaches of conditions that may be hazardous -- such as the presence of predators or disease. 

You or Someone in Your Home is Experiencing Unexplained Allergies 

Another indication that a cockroach infestation may be occurring is if you or another household resident begins to experience unexplained allergies. Symptoms include respiratory distress, itchy eyes, mouths, noses, and throats, skin rashes, and coughs. The presence of cockroaches may also trigger asthma attacks in vulnerable individuals. 

You Notice Cockroaches During the Day

Actually, any time you notice a cockroach in your home is reason for concern, but noticing one or more of these insects during the daytime is a strong indication that you've got an extreme cockroach infestation on your hands. Because these insects are nocturnal, they aren't commonly seen during the light of day -- so their presence at that time means that their population has grown to the point where they're overly crowded and stressed.  It's best to err on the side of caution when dealing with possible cockroach infestations, so please feel free to contact your local commercial pest control company at your convenience, or go to sites for commercial pest control companies for more information.