Do Raccoons Frequent Your Property? Follow A Few Tips To Keep Them Away

Posted on: 7 October 2016


It may be quite enjoyable to spot wildlife in their natural habitat while on hiking or camping adventures. But, when you find an animal like a raccoon ravaging your plants or going through your trash, you might be thinking about what you can do to keep these bandits from causing trouble. A lot of what you can do revolves around prevention, whether it is adding or taking away certain things that they like or dislike. So, that is exactly what you should focus on to start seeing their numbers dwindle on your property.

Grow Deterrent Plants

Raccoons love to eat a lot of plants, but there are still quite a few that they are not fans of. Creating a treacherous territory to traverse is one way to get raccoons to think twice before entering your landscape. These plants include pumpkins, poppies, and thistle, all of which are common plants to have. It may require strategical placement to maximize their effectiveness, but a professional should be able to help you out, especially if you show them where the raccoons are causing the most problems.

Secure the Trash Cans

You can do tons of the work to your property's yard, but all it takes is an open trash can to continue giving them an invitation. It is crucial to always secure your trash can to fix this problem. One easy solution is to keep the bin inside your garage, but this can lead to an undesirable odor. Try putting a heavy object on the top or using a couple of bungee cords to secure the bin without having to tie any knots. Another option is making a spicy solution that deters the raccoons from getting nearby. A cayenne pepper mix is achievable by mixing a dash of dish soap, cayenne pepper, and a large amount of water in a spray bottle.

Skip the Bird Seed

It might be tempting to put out bird seed to invite some flying creatures to your property, but doing this also invites raccoons, squirrels, and even insects. It is best to transition into something less problematic such as a hummingbird feeder, in which the only thing you need to worry about is ants. Also, you do not need to provide hummingbirds with an open water source, as opposed to birds that benefit from a bath. So not giving raccoons a way to clean up and drink water will deter them from your yard.

These adjustments should be effective for controlling the raccoon population, but do not hesitate to take it a step further by hiring a pest control company like BugOut Pest Control to help you with guaranteed solutions.