2 Tips For Preventing A Spider Infestation

Posted on: 26 September 2016


Spiders are one of the worst types of infestations for many people to deal with, mostly because of how frightening they can be to most people and the fact that some varieties can be quite dangerous. Listed below are two tips for preventing a spider infestation from taking root within your home.

Eliminate Entry Points

One of the easiest ways to keep spiders out of your home and preventing an infestation is to find and seal off any potential entry points. For example, take a look at your windows and exterior doors in order to see if there are any gaps between them and their frames that could allow pests and spiders into the house. Sealing these gaps off can greatly decrease the chances of any spiders getting into your home while also preventing other types of infestations from occurring. 

In addition, look for any holes in your exterior walls or foundations that spiders could potentially use to get inside your walls. This is particularly important because, if the spiders can get into your home via an exterior wall, they can typically nest and multiply inside your insulation and walls for quite some time before spreading to the rest of your home.

Keep Spiders Away From Your House

Another way to prevent a spider infestation is by making sure that the spiders don't reach your house in the first place. This typically means eliminating any nesting and hiding places that are ideal for spiders from your yard. For example, make sure that you clean up any wood piles, leaves, and piles of grass after you mow your lawn, as those areas are ideal spots for spiders.

You can also invest in certain types of plants and oils that you can spread throughout your lawn to drive spiders away from your home. Citrus and peppermint oil or plants are both quite effective when it comes to repelling spiders. 

Finally, consider hiring a pest control service to come to your house to periodically spray for spiders. In many cases, the pest control service can spray spider repellents around those areas outside of your home that spiders could use to get into the house, such as cracks in your exterior walls. In addition, the service can also spray the perimeter of your yard with repellents to keep spiders from entering your property in the first place.

Contact a pest control service today to discuss how you can prevent a spider infestation and to discuss your options if you believe that you are already dealing with an infestation. By simply eliminating potential spider access points and keeping spiders away from your house, you can greatly lower the chances of experiencing a spider infestation. Contact a company like Collins Lawn/Insect Control for more information.