When Bees Are Not Bees: Determining What Is Busily Buzzing You And How To Remove Them

Posted on: 5 June 2015


The word "bee" is often broadly applied to anything yellow and black or just black, has wings and a stinger, and makes a buzzing sound. However, there are vastly different types of insects which fall into the "bee" family, and only a couple of these are truly beneficial and should not be bothered. The rest are pests, and can cause more harm than help.

Here is a list of commonly mistaken insects broadly referred to as "bees", which will require pest control and "bee" removal services:

Wasps (Not Bees)

Wasps provide little benefit to the human world. They sting repeatedly and do not die. They will annoy backyard barbecues and picnics unceasingly. There are seven subtypes of wasps in the US:

  • Hornets, which are very temperamental and love sweet things
  • Yellow Jackets, which are even more temperamental than hornets and will sting without provocation and haunt your picnic table
  • Paper wasps, so named for the very paper-y comb hives they build. When their wings are folded they almost resemble a cockroach because of their coloring
  • Mud daubers, which gather small amounts of mud to build their nests for their eggs and larvae. They are all black with a pin-thin abdomen separating their thoraxes from their stingers
  • Potter wasps, which build little pots on the underside of leaves, giving their larvae full range to consume the plants on which they were hatched. Fruit trees are their favorite.
  • Pollen wasps, which are the least threatening of all wasps and at least help gardens a little through cross-pollination. However, they will still sting repeatedly if provoked or interrupted during a pollen collection.

All of the above wasps will make their homes in and around yours. To get rid of them, call a bee control expert.

Flies That Look Like Bees

These critters look like bees, but are actually flies. While it is a clever bit of camouflage, these flies are just as annoying as their cousins, the house fly and the horse fly. Instead of stinging, (because they are not bees!) they will bite. The bites hurt and may even swell a little, like mosquito bites. Spraying your yard against flies generally keeps them away.

Hire a Professional for "Bee" Removal

With some of the angrier species and types of wasps, you do not want to try and remove these yourself. The wasps will do everything they can to protect their hives and their nests, including stinging you to death, if they can. Hire a professional bee removal service to rid your yard, your home and your garage of these pests.

If you want to know more, or have other questions, contact a company like ASAP Bee Removal with any questions or concerns you have.